Andrus is Children

Through our innovative programs and highly personalized services we support and nurture children dealing with complex emotional issues.

Andrus is Families

Our expanded community services provide families with much needed therapies and resources that support and strengthen their ability to cope and thrive.

Andrus is Education

Through our Sanctuary Institute, we partner with trauma-informed care providers to offer collaborative educational training and resources.

Andrus is Hope

We believe every child, family, and community deserves to feel safe, valued and loved. Inspired by the values and vision of our founder, John Andrus, we continually seek innovative ways to improve our services and develop new models of care that will strengthen families and give every child hope for the future.

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Mental Health

Get Involved

There are many ways to make a positive impact at Andrus. From our valued donors and partners, to the staff and faculty who work with our programs and services, it is the people who support us that truly make the difference for our children and their families.

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Andrus is a private, non-profit organization that helps secure strong, promising futures for children, families and communities by promoting stability, increasing resilience, and rebuilding hope.