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Community Programs

The Andrus Community Services Division continues to grow, and now provides family support, prevention, intervention, and educational services for families throughout southern Westchester.

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Care Management Program

At the Andrus Care Management Program, we work together to improve access to healthcare services for children and their families to promote better health outcomes and improved quality of life. Our Care Management Program involves a collaborative process that aims to assess, plan, and evaluate services centered on a child’s health needs.

This is done primarily through a Care Coordinator who oversees and provides access to all the services a child and family need to stay healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital.

The goal is for the child and family to achieve a bright, successful future in the long term. By communicating with various service providers, Care Coordinators manage services for children who face chronic health or other issues that may require the need for access to multiple community resources and services.

To learn more about the Andrus Care Management Program, please email us at caremanagement@jdam.orgIf you would like to refer your child for our program, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Healthy Families New York (HFNY) – Westchester County

Healthy Families New York (HFNY) – Westchester County is a voluntary, evidence-based comprehensive prevention program that promotes healthy development of children from 0–5 by supporting their families. HFNY builds on the strengths of the family to ensure that healthy relationships develop between parent and child.

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HFNY offers in-home support services to expectant mothers, fathers, and new parents beginning prenatally or before the child turns 3 months of age.

  • We promote the use of positive parenting strategies that encourage healthy development and improved school readiness skills.
  • We assist each family with prenatal health education, scheduling well-baby visits, follow-up of immunizations, lead assessments and screenings, nutrition guidance, and developmental screenings.
  • Parents enhance their self-sufficiency by pursuing educational, vocational, and/or professional pursuits.
  • We link parents to community resources to address concrete needs related to food, clothing, housing, and resources such as counseling and support groups, etc.
  • We strive to facilitate ongoing positive parent-child interactions and long-term parenting skills by supporting families with learning effective ways to manage stress, establish expectations and set limits, and manage emotions to build healthy parent-child relationships.

Healthy Families New York — Westchester County currently serves prenatal and new parents residing in Yonkers and Mt. Vernon zip codes 10701, 10703, 10705, 10550, or 10553.

Enrollment must occur before the child turns 3 months of age.

To learn more about Healthy Families New York — Westchester please call (914) 429-8427 or (914) 314-5313 or email healthyfamilieswest@jdam.org.

APS (Andrus Parenting Services)

Andrus Parenting Services offers a three-month home visiting program designed to strengthen parents’ abilities to care for themselves and their children, restore or stabilize family functioning, and avert the need for foster care placement. APS serves families with children from birth to 18 years of age who reside in Westchester and are referred from the Department of Social Services.

man holding toddler in his armsParent Aides work with families to enhance parenting skills, provide parent education on effective discipline techniques, communication styles, child development, and age-appropriate expectations for children. We support families with navigating the school system, advocating for their children, and identifying issues that can impact school attendance. Families improve overall household functioning by understanding ways to effectively communicate with children and other family members in the household. Families are connected to medical providers for preventive care and health concerns and other essential resources in the community. Parent Aides assist families in identifying any need for additional services such as mental health, early intervention, or special education. APS utilizes the Triple P parenting curriculum and Sanctuary Model while working with children and families who have experienced trauma or chronic stress. All referrals must originate from the Westchester County Department of Social Services Child Protective or Preventive Services.

To learn more about Andrus Parenting Services, please call our APS team at (914) 410-0546, or email wjordan@jdam.org.

CHAMP (Community Health Access to Addiction & Mental Healthcare Project)

CHAMP is the Community Health Access to Addiction & Mental Healthcare Project. It is a New York State program created to help individuals and families resolve issues they may face in accessing substance use disorder and mental health services. 

CHAMP can provide timely, respectful, and culturally sensitive assistance to address barriers to treatment, medication, and insurance:
  • Access to treatment
  • Denial of services
  • Access to medication
  • Parity/coverage discrimination
  • System navigation
  • Medical benefits
  • Enrollment referral 
  • Legal assistance for insurance appeals

To learn more about CHAMP please call (914) 327-5934 or email rjimenez@jdam.org, or visit their website below.