Meet some of the people behind Andrus’ success: our leadership team.

Each member brings their unique background, expertise, and perspective, contributing to the rich diversity that is central to our organization’s effectiveness and values. Together with our amazing, dedicated staff, they are united in a commitment to the Andrus mission: to transform lives through innovative, coordinated social and emotional support for all.

Board of Directors

Melinda George / Chair
Thomas Kelly / Vice Chair
Steven J. Friedman / Treasurer
Shari T. Wilson/ Secretary

James Black
Nelson Chikusa
Norman Coker
David G. Earley
Daniel J. Fossner
F. Christopher Gilbert
Jennifer L. Pakradooni
Paul Scharf
James D. Schutzer
Michael Spensley


Deborah A. Clark
Thomas Condon
David Dobell
Conrad Harris
Elin E. Howe
Phyllis Hyacinthe
Martin Kest
John McLaughlin
Hamlin Pakradooni
Barbara Z. Smith
A. Tappen Soper

Executive Leadership

andrus leadership portrait of lorine curry-mabin
Corine Lurry-Mabin

Interim President and Chief Executive Officer

photo portrait of lynette garcia andrus executive leadership

Lynette Garcia

Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Richard Thompson

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Senior Leadership

photo portrait of Fabiola Abreu andrus senior leadership

Fabiola Abreu

Senior Director of Care Management, Community Programs, and Centralized Intake

photo portrait of Stanley Cadet andrus senior leadership

Stanley Cadet

Senior Director of CQI and Compliance

portrait photo of jorge costa

Jorge Costa

Senior Director of Facilities

photo portrait of Roland Lewis andrus senior leadership

Roland Lewis

Principal of The Orchard School

photo portrait of Maxine Reddy andrus senior leadership

Maxine Reddy

Senior Director of The Sanctuary Institute

photo portrait of Hillary Smith andrus senior leadership

Hillary Smith

Senior Director of Human Resources

photo portrait of Sandra Vilar-Ferreira andrus senior leadership

Sandra Vilar-Ferreira

Senior Director of Residential Clinical Services

photo portrait of Alicia Waldie-Coleman andrus senior leadership

Alicia Waldie-Coleman

Associate Vice President of Finance

photo portrait of Erica Wzsolek andrus senior leadership

Erica Wzsolek

Senior Director of Training and Staff Development

photo portrait of Danni Lapin Zou andrus senior leadership

Danni Lapin Zou

Senior Director of Community-Based Mental Health Services