Your individual gift to Andrus will ensure that life-transforming mental healthcare for our children, youth and their families will continue today and into the future.

Generations of philanthropic support for Andrus have covered much of the cost of the mental health and community services we provide our children and families.


Here are some important priorities that you could support with either an outright or a planned gift, such as a bequest:

The Andrus Annual Fund

Annual support goes to wherever the need is greatest, and as such, it is the most valued and most common kind of support we receive.

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The Andrus Health Equity Access Fund

Andrus proposes an innovative pathway that transforms the landscape for providing care: Along with our partner, Children’s Hope Chest, which has seeded the program, Andrus has created the Health Equity Access Fund for uninsured and underinsured individuals seeking community, health and behavioral health services. These individuals either have no insurance, or the child has Medicaid, but the parent is uninsured; or an individual parent or child has insurance, but their plan does not cover a needed service, or has a co-pay which is too high for them to afford.


The Andrus Health Access Fund will incorporate the Social Determinants of Health screening process to provide the proper care. The tool was developed in collaboration with New York University’s McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research.


The Health Access Fund will provide preventative and restorative services, including behavioral health, social services, prenatal and early childhood health and development, family preservation and other needed support services. Individuals served by the fund will primarily be low-income, Black, Latinx, or people whose native language is not English, as well as people who may have low-to-moderate educational attainment.

For more information, please call or email Dorea Ferris, Vice President of Development at (914)418-2871 or at

The Energy Transformation Project

Andrus is embarking on a plan to take advantage of our 110-acre space by bringing the main campus to full energy self-sustainability with clean, renewable, sustainable solar power. Our hope is not only to be self-sustainable, but also to be able to add energy to the local power grid as well—from the solar power we generate on our campus. At Andrus we use the healing power of nature in the care we provide. We want, in return, to give back that healing to our planet, through becoming a model in the mental healthcare space for impact investing not only to save, but to create clean energy.

For more information, please call or email Dorea Ferris, Vice President of Development at (914)418-2871 or at

35 Dock Street Capital Plan

Andrus has plans to upgrade its Health & Wellness Center located in downtown Yonkers at 35 Dock Street.  The location, which generally serves those experiencing financial hardships, loss of employment, or other economic disadvantage, is surrounded by new and newly-renovated construction. Our plan is to provide our clients with a brighter, more inviting pride of place that will match its surroundings and communicate the value we place on the clients we serve.

For more information, please call or email Dorea Ferris, Vice President of Development at (914)418-2871 or at