About Andrus

Empowering lives through innovative care

Andrus is a private, non-profit organization that helps secure strong, promising futures for children, families and communities by promoting stability, increasing resilience and rebuilding hope. We specialize in teaching children and families the skills they need to express and cope with strong emotions.

The Yonkers campus at Andrus features our award-winning Orchard School, offering K-9 special education. Clinical services are woven into all of our work to ensure that children and families will build brighter futures.

Andrus is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative, coordinated social and emotional support for all. Our vision for the community we serve is for children and families to discover a place of safety and healing.

John Emory Andrus began to fulfill his pledge to his wife, Julia Dyckman Andrus, in 1927 with the announcement of an orphanage on a 110-acre tract of land in Yonkers/Hastings. The orphanage evolved into a school, and later into one system of care, with comprehensive behavioral health and community supports for over 9,200 children and families annually.

Andrus nurtures social and emotional well-being in children, families and the community by delivering a broad range of vital services. We provide research, training and innovative program models that promote standards of excellence for professional performance in and beyond our service community.

Our leadership is a diverse group of dedicated individuals united in their commitment to Andrus’ mission to transform lives through innovative, coordinated social and emotional support for all. Each member brings their unique background, expertise, and perspective, contributing to the rich diversity that is central to our organization’s values and effectiveness. Working with an amazing, dedicated staff, our Board of Directors, Executive leadership and Senior leadership teams help drive our community-focused initiatives forward.